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OAIBOXTM Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
OAIBOXTM is a 5G NR SA testing solution for research labs based on OpenAirInterfaceTM, the leading open source 5G RAN and Core Network software suite. OAIBOXTM is a product (HW+SW) that facilitates the use of OAI for 5G testing, prototyping, and training.  Please note that OAIBOXTM is not qualified for 5G commercial deployment.

Our experience tells us that some OAI users face challenges in selecting the best HW configuration to run OAI with optimum throughput and stability. OAIBOXTM was designed to be a compact, portable, and cost-effective solution. Our OAIBOX solution includes a COTS UE, from Quectel, with a 5G SIM card already configured for a plug-and-play setup experience, nonetheless other COTS UEs are also supported (e.g., iPhone 14). OAIBOXTM currently has the world record of over-the-air 5G SA throughput using OAI.

The OAIBOXTM product line includes an OAI distribution tested and hardened by our team of world-class OAI experts, and optimised for the selected OAIBOXTM HW configuration. Moreover, by purchasing the OAIBOXTM, you will also get one year of  OAIBOXTM software updates, with exclusive new features.
The OAI project team is doing an excellent job in developing and testing advanced features of the CN and 5G RAN, with an ambitious roadmap. Usability, however, had not been a top priority. Therefore, we have developed OAIBOX Dashboard, a web-based dashboard that facilitates the real-time monitoring of CN and RAN metrics. Of course, you can complement your testing using the OAIBOXTM with other tools, such as Wireshark, for deep packet inspection and a better understating of the 5G protocol stack in a live test network (from the CN to the UE).
OAIBOXTM operates in any 3GPP TDD Band from Frequency Range 1 (below 6GHz). To avoid harmful interference, the EIRP is limited to 10dBm (10mW). OAI allows the configuration of the central frequency to avoid bands being used by local MNOs, and we are happy to assist you with that (e.g., band TDD n40 is not used in Europe). You can also ask for a trial license from your telecommunications regulator. Alternatively, you can use an RF cable kit to perform real testing without over-the-air transmission. The RF cable kit is optional in our OAIBOXTM offer. Please get in touch with us for details.
We are gradually investing in the OAIBOXTM solution to make it compliant with the RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC) of the O-RAN architecture through standardised interfaces. Once we release these features, our customers will immediately be notified.
The OAIBOXTM Dashboard comes with the purchase of any OAIBOX product. In order to ensure performance and stability, it cannot be purchased separately.

The OAIBOXTMrequires an Internet connection  to be accessible by the Dashboard. A bitrate of 1Mbps DL/UL connection is enough. Since the OAIBOX already includes a WiFi network interface card, you can connect it over WiFi networks. We do not collect, or store, any of your experiment data. 

Yes. We follow an evolutionary approach in our OAIBOXTMproduct line. In order to convert your OAIBOXTM MAX, it will require extra hardware and a software license update. Please contact us:
After completing/exausting the hours of hands-on training with our OAI experts, you should be able to run end-to-end tests alone, reaching the maximum throughput of your OAIBOXTM model. In case you need extra help with specific requirements, you can purchase additional hours of support.

Yes, please get in touch with us. Our team of experts will assess the feasibility of your project requirements based on our deep understanding of OAI and manpower availability. We believe in honest communication and transparency as a foundation for successful project implementation.

Being open source, you can change the code to implement and validate your advanced R&D algorithms. The OAIBOXTM Dashboard works as an abstraction layer and will continue exposing the metrics, however, if mistakes are made when applying such changes, you can always recover the OAIBOXTM baseline configuration through a simple click in the OAIBOXTM Dashboard.
Allbesmart is the high-tech company behind OAIBOXTM. The company was established in 2015 and is based in Portugal. We are a team of 12 engineers with a strong background in 3GPP networks and computer science (PhD level). We are associated members of the OpenAirInterface Software Alliance and key contributors/testers of the OAI code. We were the first team in the world to demonstrate a stable 800Mbps link with a COTS UE using a 5G SA open-source stack. We work for big industry names in 5G topics such as V2X, RAN disaggregation, PHY HW acceleration and NTN. The European Space Agency is one of our clients.
Yes. You can use a network protocolo analyzer (e.g., Wireshark) to capture packets transmitted between the CN and the UE.
For up-to-date information on the number of supported users, please go here.
Yes. You can use an HDMI cable to connect the OAIBOXTM to an external display.
Yes, but requires customized configurations. Please contact us.
This support includes initial bring-up and the troubleshooting of eventual issues connecting your USRP (applicable only to OAIBOXTM MAX), a thorough demonstration of the OAIBOXTM Dashboard, setup of the Quectel UE for maximum throughput tests, and also the set-up of the RF cable kit, and configuration of UEs that are compatible with the test network (e.g.Google Pixel 7, Apple iPhone 14 Pro).
  • OAIBOXTM currently exports several metrics per UE, including RNTI, RSSI, RSRP, RSRQ, SINR, PCMax, PHR, CQI, RI, PMI, PUCCH SNR, PUSCH SNR, Downlink Bitrate, Downlink MCS, Downlink BLER, Uplink Bitrate, Uplink MCS, and Uplink BLER. These metrics are available in JSON format from the OAIBOXTM Dashboard.
  • If you wish to add metrics or KPIs, you can do so using the OAIBOXTM gNB code, which will be exported to the OAIBOXTM Dashboard. Upon request we can also consider adding other metrics that may be useful or better suited to your specific use case. Any expanded features will also be included in the OAIBOXTM Dashboard.

The OAIBOXTM transmits a maximum of 10 dBm of power. With the original dipole antenna kit, the range is up to 80 m (LOS). With the external MIMO antenna (optional), you can go up to the 150 m range (LOS).

The  OpenAirInterfaceTM also provides a UE implementation which is open-source. We can provide you with an OAIBOXTM UE computer platform to be connected to a USRP. We are happy to help you with the required configurations. This option is listed in the Optional Items.

OAIBOXTM runs OAI CN5G. Currently, it contains the following open-source network elements:
  • Access and Mobility Management Function (AMF)
  • Authentication Server Management Function (AUSF)
  • Network Repository Function (NRF)
  • Session Management Function (SMF)
  • Unified Data Management (UDM)
  • Unified Data Repository (UDR)
  • User Plane Function (UPF)

Our team of experts is continuously improving the performance of the solution. The OAIBOXTM comes with one year of software updates. After that, you can continue enjoying new features as long as you subscribe the OAIBOX TMDashboard annual license. Please contact us for the details.

OAIBOXTM uses a multi-tenant cloud architecture. We do not store data from the OAIBOXTM in the cloud. The latest 30 min. of data will be visible in your browser but never stored in our backend.

The OAIBOXTM Open RAN integrates FlexRIC, which is an open-source SDK developed by OAI that enables the creation of specialized service-oriented controllers. Please contact us to give you some examples, such as RAN slicing.

Yes, currently OAI supports hard handovers and F1 handover (between O-DUs). We are happy to help with the network cell planning and configuration, please contact us for customization:

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